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This year “Cēsu alus” has sold 26.5% more beer

During the first 10 months of this year Joint Stock Company “Cēsu alus” has distributed more than 31.7 million litres of beer that is 26.5% more than during the first ten months of last year. Read more »

Press Information: Eight Months Results of JSC Cēsu Alus

Joint Stock Company Cēsu Alus this august has distributed 6.2 million litres of beverages, therefore exceeding volume of sales of June by 1.1 million litres. Comparing to the last year august, total volume of distributed beverages has grown by 43%. 4.2 million litres of beer have been distributed in August, so exceeding results achieved last august by 43%. Read more »

A/S Cēsu alus is introducing a product unseen in Latvian market – a beer “Cēsu dry” filled in to glass bottle with an original design.

“Cēsu dry” is a light and dry beer. In comparison with other lager beers the fermenting process of dry beer is longer and it ensures that almost all the sugar contained is transformed into alcohol. This beer is refreshing and without a lingering aftertaste, these qualities make it great for quenching one’s thirst in hot weather or after physical activities. Read more »

A/S Cēsu alus has reached the largest market share

All in all the company in four months has sold 13.5 million litres of drinks that is 39% more than a year ago when 9.7 million litres of drinks were sold. The largest market share is also achieved in the segment of beer – in the four months time it on average has been 22.5%. Read more »

Dynami:t – market leader

As shows data presented by international market research company AC Nilsen, Joint-stock company Cēsu alus for the last two months (December and January) according to sales volumes was the leader of Latvian energy drink market, the share was 17.7%. Read more »

A/S Cēsu alus opens treatment plant that is unique in Baltic States

A/S Cēsu alus is realising an active investment policy so last year it modernised their wastewater treatment system. The new plant ensures complete purification of wastewater and will prevent any harm to the environment. Similar plants are being used in many breweries in the world, but in the Baltic states this plant is the first one. Read more »

A/S Cēsu alus in December set two new records

December 2006 joint-stock company Cēsu alus has sold 3.48 million litres of drinks, which is 51% more than during December 2005; this is the largest growth in volume of sold drinks in the scale of one month that has been experienced in the past two years. Read more »

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