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First classical ale brewed in Latvia

Since the end of February, beer fans in Latvia have access to “Cēsu English Ale” that is a new product in the portfolio of “Cēsu alus”. This is the first classical beer in Latvia. Ale is a special type of beer that is prepared in special fermentation conditions. Fermentation is one of the oldest technologies in the world. At the end of the brewing process barm rises to the surface. This brings this beer strong flavour and aroma. On the other hand, in the production of “lager” type of beer the contrary happens – during the fermentation process barm settles in the lower part of the bowl. Ale production is most popular in Ireland, England and North America. The most famous English ales are Newcastle, Leffe, and London Special Ale.

“Cēsu English Ale” is a pale beer with 5.6% alcohol content. Ale’s serving and relish temperature is slightly higher than for lager beers - 15-25 degrees. Ale is considered to be mostly a man’s beer, it is appropriate both for slaking one’s thirst, and as an addition to rich food. “Cēsu English Ale” is available in 0.5 litre glass bottles and in 4-bottle packages.

English ale has a very longstanding history rich with traditions. It originated in ancient Saxony, it was brewed in every house and each house had its own traditions. Historic sources show that in the beginning it was prepared by women who also made bread and took care of the rest of the household. Nowadays there are more than 50,000 beer pubs in England and the word “ale” is used as a synonym for the word “beer”.

According to the chairperson of the board of “Cēsu Alus”, Eva Sietiņsone: “We consider the development of beer culture and introduction of new novel products in the Latvian beer market as our mission to a great extent, and we want to offer to our supporters constantly new tastes and rich choice.”


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