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The brewing of beer is referred to for the first time in the minutes of the Cēsis Castle audit, in which information can be found regarding the malt drying-room and hop gardens. The first brewery was located in the castle itself. 1590 is considered to be the year when the brewery was founded.
1621 The Swedish-Polish war is won by the Swedes. The previous brewery capacity is no longer sufficient to satisfy their immense thirst and the brewery is relocated to the third forecastle. Large hop gardens are planted around its perimeters.
1785 Cēsis is proclaimed as the county town. An economic boom is recorded. The demand for Cēsu alus is so great that there is not enough room in the town’s pubs and a new pub is built outside Cēsis at Rucka, Duvincka and Jurģi.
The historic brewery buildings are built and the Cēsu alus brewery is established in the ownership of Graf Emanuel Zievers.
1922 Several entrepreneurs from Cēsis repurchase the brewery from Zievers and establish the JSC Augļu dārzs. During this period, wine, juices and mineral water are also produced at the brewery. Branches of ‘Augļu dārzs‘ are opened in Rīga, Jelgava and Valmiera.
1940 JSC Augļu dārzs is nationalised.
1950 The company is rebuilt and new equipment is installed. Production volumes increase four-fold.
1976 Industrial beer producer Cēsu alus is established which also incorporates Naukšēnu and Gulbene breweries.
1988 The holding company conglomerate is disbanded.
1995 Cēsu alus is privatised and once again becomes a joint stock company.
1998 A decision is taken to increase JSC Cēsu alus equity capital, as a result of which, the Norwegian-Latvian Commerce Development Fund becomes a shareholder in the company.
1999 The Norwegian-Latvian Commerce Development Fund sell its shares to the Finnish beer and non-alcoholic drinks producer Olvi Oyj subsidiary A.Le Coq. This marks the beginning of a new stage in Cēsu alus with broad opportunities for modernisation, production co-operation, increasing the qualifications of employees and cementing the company’s positions in the Latvian and Baltic markets, whilst preserving the unique heritage of the Cēsu alus brand.

A JSC Cēsu alus management representative presents the ‚Cēsnieks‘ award to artist Ivars Prauliņš during the Cēsis Town festival for his significant and selfless work for the good of society and the town of Cēsis. The presentation of this award is continued on an annual basis with the award going to a person selected by Cēsu alus in partnership with Cēsis Council with the opinion of the people of Cēsis being a crucial factor in the choice of the recipient.
On May 16, a festive ceremony marks the beginning of the construction of a new brewery in Cēsis. A foundation stone from the walls of the ancient Cēsis Castle brewery is laid in the foundations of the new brewery.
July 6,2001 The plant is formally opened at Palmu iela 13 in Cēsis. It boasts a filling capacity of 20 million litres of beer. A decision is subsequently made to change its legal address. Its new address is Aldaru laukums 1, Cēsis, LV - 4101, Latvia.
2003 Cēsu alus becomes the second largest beer producer in Latvia. Investments in the production plant reach 7 million lats. A 2 million lats investment is planned that will be allocated for the construction of a new boiler-house. The brewery is visited by Latvian Prime Minister Einars Repše and Estonian Prime Minister Juhann Part. Cēsu alus commences distribution of Heineken products in Latvia.
2004 Eva Sietiņsone has served as the JSC Cēsu alus Chairman of the Board since 2004. Prior to 2004 she headed the JSC Cēsu alus Financial and Administrative Department, greatly contributing to the development of the company.
2005 In continuing the planned investment acquisition, construction is completed on the new JSC Cēsu alus production unit, which includes a brewery and bottling facility. 4 million Lats were invested into the construction of the complex. With the anticipation of doubling the capacity of the brewery to 40 million litres of beer and non-alcoholic beverages per year, the production unit was equipped with the newest generation of high-quality standard equipment.
2006 JSC Cēsu alus is the first foodstuffs production company in Latvia to pass a complicated certification process and receives the “BRC Global Standard – Food” certificate. The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a UK trade association, whose developed and internationally recognized standard “BRC Global Standard – Food” is for specific requirement foodstuffs companies, who supply products to retail chains and other companies. The Standard is developed to helped product retail companies in the fulfilment of EU-specific requirements and consumer protection, by ensuring unified principles in the evaluation of production companies.

JSC Cēsu alus opens unique treatment plants for the manufacture of beer in the Baltic States.

In implementing an active investment policy, JSC Cēsu alus modernises its waste water treatment system. New treatment plants guarantee the complete treatment of waste water and prevents any kind of harm to the surrounding environment, as the treatment process neither uses chemical substances, nor has a distinct odour; the biogas created in the treatment process is collected and used for production needs.

Similar facilities exist in beer breweries in many other locations across the world, but it is the first time such facilities are used in the Baltic States.

JSC Cēsu alus has implemented the largest investment project in the history of the company by grounding its position as the most rapidly developing beer brewery in Latvia. The company invested more than 10 million euro into production development. The greater part of this sum was invested into the development of a canning line, which allows JSC Cēsu alus to continue as the leader in the rapidly growing field of canning in all beverage sectors. The line is presently the most modern canning line in the Baltic States.

The beer Mītava was created in collaboration with Brainstorm (Prāta vētra), the most popular band in Latvia. Men have to relax! Mītavas beer has triggered huge mass media and societal interest in 2008. This is a beer that, in a short period of time, achieved a lasting position among the top ten most sold bottled beer brands. In 2008, the mutually created JSC Cēsu alus and Prāta Vētra Mītava beer earned the Cicero Award in the advertisement nomination “Best Advertising Campaign”. At the heart of the TV advertisement are stories of how the people of Mītavaused to relax in ancient times.

In the renovated rooms of the New Cēsis Castle, the oldest beer brewery of Latvia has established the first beer exposition in Latvia. The exhibition The History of JSC Cēsu Alus and its Contribution to the Development of the City of Cesis" provides information on more than 400 years of history of the company, its development and achievements, and also increases the interest of visitors to the Cēsis Castle Manor complex, where the historical and cultural heritage JSC Cēsu alus beer brewery building was situated from the 19th to the 21st century.

In 2008, JSC Cēsu alus Chairman of the Board Eva Sietiņsone Zatlere was presented with the Latvian Merchant Association’s Mark of Distinction “Best Manufacturer-Distributor 2007”. The Mark of Distinction was presented for the achievements of the company, which is the most rapidly developing company in the field of food production and brewery products. Due to their popularity and high quality, these products have received consumer recognition by being named “Product of the Year”.


Cēsu alus has received a Superior Level Quality Certificate – BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Certificate and since now Cēsu alus is the first and only manufacturer of beverages in the Baltic States that has received a world-class quality certificate for canned beverages.

Cēsu alus develops the can market in Latvia by inventing innovative Packaging– can ina new pint volume.

Cēsu alus has received the Socially Responsible Company 2009 awardaccording to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.

According to an assessment by the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, the State Revenue Service, the State Employment Inspection and other experts, the company Cēsu alus was named one of the best employers in Latvia.


In the contest for the title of Best beer that took place at the Helsinki Beer Festival, Cēsu Porteris – produced by JSC Cēsu alus received the honorable Silver medal.

In thefirst “Sustainability Index” of Latvian companies, Cēsualus was included in the silver level. Index is an indicator that allows company results in all aspects of corporative responsibility to be evaluated – environment, market relations, working environment and responsibility towards society.

Cēsu alus has been judged as “The most efficient beer producer in Latvia”, ranking in a high position namely No. 10 of the list of food producers in the Baltics.


Cēsu alus was awarded the title of „The most responsible employer“.

Cēsu alus introduces to the market the first live non-filtered beer in a glass bottle – Cēsu Nefiltrētais


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