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A new volume beer bottle on the Latvian beer market

By contributing to the development of the Latvian beer culture, Cēsu alus introduces a new volume – a pint – beer bottle. Cēsu Premium – the first beer brand in Latvia to be available in a pint bottle.

Although the can packaging has become more and more favoured over the last few years, beer in glass bottles has always been popular, occupying 28% of the market share in the total packaging segment of the Latvian beer market in 2011. Inorder to develop the glass bottle segment and improve one of the most sustainable beer brands in Latvia – Cēsu Premium ­Cēsu alus, with its pint-size bottle format, innovatively expands both its product portfolio and the total packaging assortment of the Latvian beer market.

“Created in 2001, Cēsu Premium is the most powerful Cēsu alus brand through which the most significant company innovations are being positioned – the very first can in Latvia with a foil cap, first Limited Edition various design can series, the first pint-size can and now a glass bottle as well. We plan to sell a million Cēsu Premium pint bottles this summer,” says the Chairman of the Cēsu alus Board Eva Sietiņsone-Zatlere.

Cēsu Premium is also the most favourite beer brand among beer lovers that is acknowledged by a regular consumer evaluation – receiving the award Product of the Year since 2006. The lover of Cēsu Premium is determined to be socially active and friendly, who follows his / her aims and is not afraid to make their dreams come true.Adventurousness and courage are also the keynotes in the new advertising campaign of Cēsu Premium, which are to be implemented through various communication channels this summer.

Despite the use of the metric system on a daily basis, a standard pint – 0.568 l(imperial pint) is a measure of capacity in Great Britain and Ireland which is still used as a primary unit of measure for beer, cider and milk. In these countries, the pint format packaging for beer is more sought-after than others at points of sale as well, while beer in 0.5 l bottles and cans is still more customary in the greater part of Europe.

Cēsu alus introduced the pint-size packaging for beer in 2009 –

The first time Cēsu alus introduced the pint-size packaging for beer dates back to 2009 – by starting to manufacture Cēsu Premium brand beer in pint cans.

Cēsu Premium brand development:

2001 – the creation of the beer brand Cēsu Premium

2005 – Cēsu Premium can, the first in Latvia with a foil cap that ensures the hygiene level of the packaging

2006-2008 – Cēsu Premium can in a unique design every year (the design created by young artists, relief surface, photo design)

2006-2010 – Cēsu Premium receives the yearly award Product of the Year

2009 – Cēsu Premium can in a pint-size can (0.568 l)

2010 – Cēsu Premium in a newly designed green glass bottle

2012 – Cēsu Premium in a pint-size glass bottle

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