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Cēsu alus expands cider segment in Latvia

By developing cider traditions in Latvia and offering a wider assortment to consumers, Cēsu alus offers new products both in the series of cider brand Fizz and introduces its consumers with a new import cider in the premium category.

Cēsu alus takes the lead position in the Latvian cider market in 2011, occupying 54 % of the market share after sales volumes (The Nielsen Companydata). Despite the limitation of the cider market development and uncompetitive tax policy conditions, which provides for two times higher excise tax compared to Estonia and five times higher than in Lithuania, Cēsu alus fulfils its vision to be the leader in beverage market development and expands cider market assortment, diversifying it with new products. This year introduced two new products in this segment.

By expanding the most popular cider brand Fizz in Latvia, Cēsu alus offers cider Fizz Fragolino. Inspired by world famous wild strawberry sparkling wineFragolino, the cider was created, including base notes different from the usual cider base – apple wine, are the flavour bouquet of strawberries and red grapes.

Another new product in the Latvian cider market is Cēsu alus represented import ciderSherwood in the premium category – apple and pear flavoured cider following English traditions, which is made in accordance with a classical, traditional cider brewing method.

Head of the JSC Cēsu alus Marketing Department Inese Kublicka: “Both Fizz Fragolino and import cider brand Sherwood help us to broaden the horizon of cider lovers in this beverage category, as well as to introduce a wide variety of cider flavours and specificity of brewing methods. Both ciders are very different – Fizz Fragolinocomplements the wide flavour series of the Fizz brand with a distinctive and saturated strawberry flavour, whereas Sherwood is a classical example of a cider brewing method coming from the cider homeland – England.”

Cider Fizz Fragolino is filled in an exquisite design 0.5 l can, while import cider Sherwoodwith apple and pear flavour is filled in a­n elegant glass bottle of 0.33 l. Both ciders contain 4.7 % alcohol which is the classical alcoholic strength of a cider. Both products will be available on the market in the beginning of March.