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Cēsu alus presents award Cēsnieks 2010

On 31 July at the Cesis City Celebration the annual JSC “Cēsu alus” AwardCēsnieks was presented. The award Cēsnieks 2010 was presented to the organist of Cesis St. John’s Church and music teacher Lelde Krastiņa.

Lelde Krastiņa – teacher at the Cesis Musical School of Alfreds Kalniņš and organist of St. John’s Church – for 30 years now has been the axis of the academic music life of Cesis, as well as an author, inspirer and artist of Cesis musical events.

Cēsnieks: AS „Cēsu alus” valdes priekšsēdētāja Eva Sietiņsone – Zatlere sveic Cēsnieci 2010 Leldi Krastiņu­

Lelde Krastiņa, who was born in Cesis, is well respected by her colleagues and very much favoured by her students. The investment that music teacher Krastiņa has provided to the development of the city’s cultural life throughout several years has been enormous. Thanks to Krastiņa’s devoted work, in 2001 Cesis had the opportunity to receive a harpsichord specially built for the city and in 2007 the organ of the St. John’s Church on its hundredth birthday underwent major repair. The teacher Krastiņa is the author of the idea of the international Cesis harpsichord music festival and founder of Cesis district Castle choir. With great pleasure she organises Cesis festivals for young organists of Latvia.

The instrument of Lelde Krastiņa’s life is the organ and she has given many concerts –she has performed in many places in Latvia, as well as in the Baltic Sates and in Europe, thus promoting the name of Cesis city in the world.

Chairman of JSC “Cēsu alus” Board Eva Sietiņsone-Zatlere: “Each year we present the award Cēsnieks taking into account the opinions given by the residents of Cesis – those are the people who evaluate and suggest citizens worthy of the honour.City residents have evaluated the investment of Lelde Krastiņa as “outstanding and unselfish work that creates celebration for the city”. We are pleased that this year the city celebration for Lelde Krastiņa will be not only work leading the concert of the organ music, but also a celebration for herself, receiving the appreciation of her fellow citizens”.

Each summer since 1999 the award Cēsnieks is presented to Cesis employees of city culture, science, history and social fields who have completed outstanding work from their hearts and whose investment has positively affected Cesis city life in a long-term.Each year the person to be honoured is chosen by the residents of the city in cooperation with JSC “Cēsu alus”.­

Up to now the award Cēsnieks has been presented to: manager of the exhibition hall Nata Livonska, pastor Krists Kalniņš, musician Igors Graps, artist Ivars Prauliņš, Chairman of the Board of Cesis district newspaper “Druva” Verners Rudzītis, Director of Cesis Pastariņš School Ieva Eglīte, archaeologist Zigrīda Apala, Chairman of Cesis City Council Gints Šķenders, actor and businessmen Juris Žagars, teacher of Cesis State Secondary School and producer Inese Lāce, Head of Cesis 15th Scout Unit Gunards Bērziņš.