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Cēsu porteris receives silver at Helsinki Beer festival

In the contest for the title of best beer that took place at the Helsinki Beer Festival from 9-10 April, Cēsu Porteris – produced by JSC Cēsu alus received the honourable second place. The title of the best beer was awarded to the Kevari production of the small Finland beer brewery.

Cēsu Porteris received second place in the contest, the silver award in the beer evaluation category. Cēsu Porteris is fermented using lower yeast fermentation technology with an alcoholic concentration in the beverage above 6 % per volume.

“The silver award at this level of competition is an excellent result. The fact that our beer was evaluated so highly in an international beer festival is valuable approval for the Cēsu alus team of technologists, as well as for the Latvian beer production culture in general,” says JSC Cēsu alus Chairman of the Board Eva Sietiņsone–Zatlere.

            The beer presented in the festival was tested and tasted by a jury representing the Finland beer production industry, which evaluated the “masked” beer types in several categories, inspecting the quality of beverage flavour, colour, foam and aroma.

            The Helsinki Beer Festival is one of the leading beer culture events in Finland, which this year took place for the 13th time. In the festival contest, beer in different categories is evaluated, taking into consideration the upper and lower yeast fermentation technology in the beer brewing process. The production range of small or micro beer breweries was also evaluated. In total, over 100 different beer sorts were represented at the festival this year from all over the world – from major beer production states such as Germany and Belgium and beers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Italy.