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For the first time in Latvia, a unique beer has been created – particularly for women

By researching beer market trends and clarifying the desires of the women target audience, Cēsu alus in creative cooperation with artist Kristīne Luīze Avotiņa has created a beer for women. The product is unique, as it is the first beer in Latvia designed for women, combining both the artistic design of the packaging and taste nuances selected by consumers.

As shown in the Baltic beer market research carried out by JSC Cēsu alus – the main audience of beer lovers is men; however, beer enjoyment among women is a stable, increasing trend (average increase 2% per year). Women admit that they enjoy beer once to three times a month, most often at picnics or outdoor events, but would love to enjoy it also at restaurants, as they consider it a great thirst quencher. Women more often than men pay attention to beer package and design, but a little less to price.

These facts have facilitated the product development of Cēsu alus towards a new beer brand that is aimed at women. At the end of 2012, creative cooperation with talented artist Kristīne Luīze Avotiņa began. Her painting “Love Guard” (Mīlestības sargs) was particularly chosen for the packaging design of the new beer. In the development of taste and name, Cēsu alus involved the target audience of the new beer – women of various fields and ages.

“By creating a beer for women, not only the expert involvement of the enterprise mattered, but the most important was to find out what kind of beer would quench thirst, and give real taste enjoyment for women. Thus, in a special event held at the end of 2012 women representatives of various age groups, professions and lifestyles were gathered together. By tasting various types and brands of beer, together we found the real balance of taste and aroma,” says JSC Cēsu alus Product Development Manager Ilona Riekstiņa.

In such a way the first beer in Latvia for women was created, and a new beer brand in the Cēsu alus product portfolio – Cēsu La Femme. It is an exquisite and artistic design in combination with flavour nuances, which are embodied through the aroma bouquet of lemon and tequila. The beer is in a 0.5 l can with 4.8% alcohol, which is slightly lighter than the traditional lager type light beer. The new beer brand is available on the market this week.

Eva Sietiņsone-Zatlere, Chairman of the JSC Cēsu alus Board: “By creating a beer aimed at women, we would like to change the public perception of beer as a drink mainly favoured by men. Men usually give preference to beer brands with predominant hoppy bitterness and more distinct aftertaste. This beer for women embodies the harmony of taste. The aroma bouquet of the beer is well-balanced and supplemented with fresh lemon and the spiciness of tequila.”

Kristīne Luīze Avotiņa, the artist: “I like seeing my art out on the streets and outside museums, knowing that my paintings can be found at exhibitions and private collections, and are turned into practical design. Participation in the creation of Cēsu La Femme – ladies’ beer – can be described as: it is apleasure of meeting! For me – it is a meeting with professionals of the branch, for ladies – it is a meeting with the new Cēsu La Femme!”

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