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In July Cēsu alus achieves an even higher beer sales record

In July 2010 JSC “Cēsu alus” has achieved record high sales results. In total the company in July in Latvia has sold 47% more products than before in one year. The largest increase has been achieved specifically in the beer category – with the amount of beer sales rising by 55% in comparison to July 2009 and reaching a 16% higher record amount than this June.

In the beer category, surprising results have been achieved by the company’s main product Cēsu Premium, which in the newly designed green bottle has overcome the results from last year by 70%. Also, consumption of the canned beer products has continued to grow in July when the company sold 67% more canned beer products than during last year, and 8% more than in June.

Thanks to the hot weather and well-attended music festivals Positivus, Saldus saule and Fonofest, as well as thanks to the especially successful new product Cēsu Nefiltrētais alus, sales of beer have also achieved a significant growth in the HoReCa category in comparison to last year – 39%.

The sales amount of the company’s non-alcoholic beverages has doubled as well. Sales of Ulmaņlaiku kvass have doubled and Klasiskā Limonāde, which is produced by Cēsu alus, has achieved a record high result for 30 years, its sales rocketed by 40% in comparison to July 2009.

Chairman of JSC “Cēsu alus” Board Eva Sietiņsone Zatlere: “The heat records of July in Latvia have provided absolute records in the categories of beverages that quench thirst – beer and non-alcoholic beverages. We are satisfied with the production and logistics results – the company was able to provide record amounts with high quality – without a significant shortage of production and providing deliveries throughout all Latvia in a timely manner.”