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JSC “Cēsu alus” introduces to the market the first live non-filtered beer in a glass bottle

Cēsu Nefiltrētais beer is the beer that people often tend to call “live beer” – one that has not passed through technological processing and which is not filtered, therefore in the production process it has not been distilled of the yeasts present in the beer. Taking into consideration the unique character of the beer, the natural fermentation process is still present in it, therefore the consumption period of beer Cēsu Nefiltrētais is short – 30 days.

Chairman of Cēsu­ alus Board Eva Sietiņsone Zatlere: “In keeping with the company values, we develop products that are specially created for the residents of Latvia. Researching the Latvian beer market within The Baltic States Beer Index study, it was established that the opinion of beer fans in Latvia about what can be considered a real Latvian beer has not changed: it is beer with a stronger, bitterish flavour of hops. This is the exact character of Cēsu Nefiltrētais. And besides, it is the first “live” beer in a glass bottle, which the Latvian beer critics perceive as a symbol of real Latvian beer. We are glad that as a result of a complicated, resource-demanding and creative process we have managed to create beer that is a benchmark of classical Latvian beer, at the same time offering it to consumers in a convenient and modern packaging – glass bottle.”

Leading Technologist of Cēsu alus, Māris Grambergs: “The main and the most complicated challenge was to establish the most effective and safest solution for the beer consumption period. Taking into consideration the fact that after packaging the beer in a glass bottle, the live yeasts retained in it continue the fermentation process; as “a live product” this beer requires special tolerance regarding its period of use. After numerous laboratory tests and special monitoring we have approved the safe consumption period of Cēsu Nefiltrētais beer – it is one month, during which the beer retains its high quality and flavour components. During the storage of this beer settling may occur, which is sometimes mistakenly perceived as the lack of quality by the consumers, but in this case it proves the presence of the live yeasts.”

Already since 2010, Cēsu Nefiltrētais beer has been available as tap-beer, i.e. in cafes and restaurants only, as well as on outside sales. Observing the huge interest shown by the consumers and the actually hard-to-implement demand for this product, within a period of more than half a year, the team of Cēsu alus production technologists and product development specialists worked on the development of technology in order to provide this beer for retail sales.

In March of this year, packaging of Cēsu Nefiltrētais beer has been launched in a specially designed 0.5l brown glass bottle. The beer has been available in the largest stores of Latvia for a week already.

The total investments in the production and implementation of Cēsu Nefiltrētais beer totals to 60 thousand lats.