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JSC “Cēsu alus” invests in the development of packaging and devotes a special beer to Cēsis city

Cēsu alus invests in the modernization of the only canning line in Latvia, launching the production of new volume cans. Packaged in the new volume pint-size cans, beer Cēsu Special is a present to the city on the 800th anniversary of Cēsis Medieval Castle.

In 2008 installing the first, and still the only, canning line in Latvia in beer production Cēsu alus has developed the segment of canned production in the total Latvian beer market – within two years the majority of canned production in the beer segment has grown by 6%, reaching 17% in 2010 (data by The Nielsen Company). For comparison – beer in glass packaging retains a declining trend, last year it decreased by 3%.

Investments of 10 million euros in the most powerful and modern canning line in the Baltic States has made it possible to significantly expand the production capacity of Cēsu alus and to acquire a stable No. 1 position among the canned production market, in 2010 occupying 38% of the market share in the total canned beer production segment.

Implementing modernisation of production devices, this year Cēsu alus has invested 70 thousand euros in the technological equipment for filling the new volume cans. In the beginning of 2011 in the production plant in Cēsis additional technical equipment has been installed which makes it possible to package beer pints in 0.568l volume cans. Up to now, in the canning line beer and beverages were packaged in 0.33l and 0.5l volume cans.

Chairman of JSC “Cēsu alus” Board Eva Sietiņsone Zatlere: “The development and improvement of production technologies is part of the sustainable business strategy of our company, especially taking into consideration the cooperative vision of the company, which incorporates the development of the total market of beverages.Investments in the development of packaging is part of Cēsu alus’s investment policy this year. Packaging of pint-size cans in Latvia means significant increase of the total market capacity, and simultaneously also expansion of consumer choice options. ”

Currently already two products in the new pint-size cans are available at the stores –these are Cēsu Premium and Cēsu Special beerCēsu Premium is the leading company beer brand and the most popular beer in 2010 (according to data by the SRS Administration of Excise Goods).

Cēsu Special is high-quality premium class light beer. With its special can design, which depicts the place of origin of Cēsu alus – Cēsis Medieval Castle, in the auditing protocols of which beer brewing was mentioned already in 1590 – this product is Cēsu alus present to Cēsis Castle on its 800th anniversary. The preparation for Cēsis Castle Celebration, which will take place in 2013, will be implemented by Cēsu alusand the residents of Cēsis city already this spring. ­