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JSC Cēsu alus receives the highest evaluation in the first Latvian “Sustainability Index”

In the first “Sustainability Index” of Latvian companies, JSC Cēsu alus was included in the silver level – the highest evaluation awarded this year, as no company was awarded the gold or platinum level.

The “Sustainability Index” is an indicator that allows company results in all aspects of corporative responsibility to be evaluated – environment, market relations, working environment and responsibility towards society. The main activities for providing sustainable operation implemented by JSC Cēsu alus are the provision of high product quality, the provision of environmentally safe production, the improvement of the working environment, employee development and socially responsible communication.

JSC Cēsu alus Chairman of the Board Eva Sietiņsone-Zatlere says: “As the main evaluation criterion for the “Sustainability Index” was activity, not just company image, we are truly glad that the investment of Cēsu alus in the corporate responsibility sector has been approved so positively. In developing company management, we are always implementing a corporative responsible approach towards all involved parties– towards employees, owners, clients and cooperation partners, towards the public in general. Responsible entrepreneurship and an environmentally safe business environment are responsibilities that each entrepreneur should undertake to fulfil when planning activity for the long-term.”

Within the process of identifying the “Sustainability Index”, companies carried out self-assessments with the help of large-scale data volume survey forms approving their activity and strategies in the mentioned cooperative responsibility segments. The evaluation criteria of the “Sustainability Index” also included communication between the company and the influential audiences. Companies were included in the silver group that carry out targeted activities to implement effective involvement of the influential audiences and to establish processes that could be used to identify and manage risks and opportunities.

JSC Cēsu alus was especially highlighted in the environmental sector, the company’s achievements in environmental safety and protection field having been highly evaluated. “Continuously developed economy programmes for energy resources are long-term priority projects of Cēsu alus that initially require capital investments, but in the long run provide significant return for both the company itself, by increasing its efficiency, as well as for the public in general, by creating an environmentally safe company,” says Sietiņsone-Zatlere.

This was the first time the “Sustainability Index” was carried out in Latvia. The methodology is based on the theory of corporate social responsibility, as well as on the international indices “Dow Jones Sustainability Index” and “Corporate Responsibility Index” created by “Business in the Community”.