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The study: in Latvia, 70% of people think about their impact on the environment, 55% of people sort waste

In Latvia, the majority of society, namely 70% of surveyed people think about their impact on the environment. In addition, half of the respondents pointed out that they are involved in reducing the environmental impact by sorting out waste, following water and electricity consumption, as well as through smart purchases, according to a study conducted by brewery and non-alcoholic beverage production company “Cēsu alus” together with company “Norstat”.

According to the study, more than half or 55% of the population reduce their impact on the environment through waste sorting, 50% of people follow water and electricity consumption, and almost half or 46% of respondents make informed and thoughtful purchases. About a third or 36% of the population say they give things a second life, while 35% of respondents buy local products. Only 17% of people prefer a more environmentally friendly way of traveling. Biological and ecological products are chosen by every tenth of the respondents. The smallest share or 5% is made up of people shopping in bulk shops.

“The results of the research show that the population not only thinks, but also engages in reducing the impact on the environment. Naturally, people also expect active attention and investment from companies in solving environmental problems. That is why we are thinking about the responsible use of resources in the production process as well as sorting waste, using 100% recyclable packaging materials, and also participating in the development of the deposit system. Thanks to the deposit system, the public will be able to sort packages and return them to recycling points throughout the country. The beneficiaries of such a solution will be all residents, Latvia’s natural landscapes and future generations, for whom together we will create a more sustainable future,” explains Eva Sietiņsone, Chairman of the Board of Cēsu alus.

According to the study, almost two-thirds or 56% of people say that companies need to pay more attention to the recycling and use of recycled materials. About half or 46% of respondents consider sorting waste a priority. In turn, a third or 36% of the population say that companies should be involved in reducing CO2 emissions, and 34% of respondents point to cleaning the environment, including forests. One in four or 29% of respondents indicate to the need for investment in public education, innovative technologies and solutions. Only 16% of the population say that companies should invest 100% in green electricity, but 1% of respondents currently consider the investments made by companies to be sufficient.

The company “Cēsu alus” aims to reduce the consumption of resources in the production process, as well as to carefully sort waste and reduce the amount of unsorted waste by 15% by 2025. Meanwhile, the company currently uses 100% recyclable packaging materials – aluminium, plastic, glass and cardboard.

The data show that the highest number of people who think about the impact on the environment live in Kurzeme, namely 78% of respondents, followed by Zemgale with 72% of respondents. Almost as many people who think about their impact on the environment or 71% of respondents live in Vidzeme. Respondents in Riga and Latgale pay the least attention to the relevant issues – 67% of those surveyed.

The survey was conducted in May this year, interviewing 1007 Latvian residents aged 18–74.

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