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Three strong characters united in a new beer brand – Brūža Alus (Brewery’s Beer)

The largest brewery that produces beer in Latvia Cēsu alus has created a new beer brand. Brūža alus is a beer series that was especially developed by Māris Grambergs, the principal beer expert of Cēsu Alus brewery, who incorporated three different sorts of beer in his creation.

Māris Grambergs is the main beer expert of Cēsu alus brewery, whose knowledge and experience of brewing can be traced back two generations. Māris inherited his beer making traditions from his parents, who were already working as brewers in the oldCēsu alus brewery – this fact has served as the basis for the brand name of the new beer. It was Māris Grambergs, who facilitated the development of the new beer brand with the purpose of incorporating the variations of different tastes of beer in it, thus introducing the variety of the world of beers to Latvia’s beer connoisseurs.


Samtainais (Velvet), Rūgtais (Bitter) and Nefiltrētais (Unfiltered) are the first sorts of beer that were incorporated into the Brūža alus brand. The names characterise the taste of each sort of beer. According to Māris Grambergs:”Samtainais is a darkish amber type beer with a soft, velvety taste contributed byPerle hops. The richness of the taste is developed by sweetish flavours that prevail over the classic bitterness of beer. There is no hint of the common sharpness of the yeast, it is a bright sounding and clear bouquet of aromas. Rūgtais represents the classical lagertype beer. Pilzenes light malt with Magnum bitter hops make the beer sharp and slightly bitter, however, it has a pleasant, aroma and aftertaste typical of hops. Light-reflecting, glistening, golden beer with a steady head of foam. Nefiltrētais is a characteristically Latvian beer, as proven by the colour, aroma bouquet, as well as “rounded” and complete taste. Everything that a beer connoisseur needs is united in this beer – completeness of taste, easy enjoyment, and the lack of overtly intrusive presence of yeasts. This beer may prove to be the real delicacy on a festive table, because it is perfectly compatible with a variety of Latvian dishes.”

Chairman of the Board of Cēsu alusEva Sietiņsone – Zatlere: “Latvian beer connoisseurs love especially refined sorts of beer, therefore we chose not to base the development of our new brand on market research. It is based on our beer expert’s competence and generations of family experience in brewing. We take pride in the brewing expert, who has invested 20 years of his professional life in Cēsu alus brewery. Trusting in the excellent taste for beer of Māris Grambergs and his brewing skill, we offer the Brūža alus series for the evaluation of beer connoisseurs.”

The total investment in the new beer brand and development of the new beer series amounted to 100,000 euros.

FOR INFORMATION: Beer brewery Cēsu alus has received the permission of the State Heraldry Commission to use the national flag of Latvia colours on its beer packaging in order to ensure complete and honest informing of the consumers, as well as to facilitate the process of product selection by placing easily recognisable and noticeable informative indications regarding the place of product origin – Latvia. Cēsu alus has also joined the movement Latvijas Labums established by the Latvian Merchants Association.

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